Our USP:Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing.

VAPT, focuses towards a thorough identification of vulnerabilities in the target infrastructure (network, servers, application, website and others) with an aim to strengthen its security.

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetrations Testing works in combination due to their precise scope of work.

Vulnerability Assessment takes up the process of reviewing the network devices and infrastructure for vulnerability and glitches that an attacker may use to exploit, while, Penetrations Testing is an in-depth activity focused on exploiting the target infrastructure as an attacker.

We acknowledge the high sense of ethical responsibility in the nature of the business and therefore work hand in hand with the clients to give them a continuous update throughout the process with adequate stats and proofs.

  • Scope of each audit is distinctively designed inline to the nature of client’s business, industry and compliance standards.
  • The project is pro-actively designed to minimize any disturbance to daily operations and prior scheduling.
  • Strict SOPs are implemented, adhering to the scope agreed.
  • Thorough and self-explanatory reports with adequate stats and proofs of findings that depict the attack timeline.
  • VAPT score card that compares existing customer side best practices in the market.

Need of VAPT

No matter how good an application’s framework is,the vulnerabilities arise in an application’s design, not its implementation and are independent of the development framework or language chosen. Some reasons to carry out Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing are:

  • Customer Needs and Market Trust: VAPT helps your customers build a security trust to freely explore your services.
  • Security Validation: VAPT helps validate your security controls and measures against the attack world.
  • Best Practices and Data Security: As the threats keep evolving there’s a need within the organization to carry out proactive measures and audits to protect their data.
  • Product Validation: Each product is equipped with different third-party plug-ins and packages which are likely to have security issues. Thus, it needs to be checked and resolved.

VAPT Services

Network Penetration and Testing – assessing the external and internal network to provide a security review of the existing vulnerabilities.

Web Application Penetration Testing – thorough review of the web-based applications to avoid any unethical/ unauthenticated use of the application.

Mobile Penetration – with rising security/privacy concerns and usage of mobile devices, it is has become mandatory to evaluate the device for any vulnerabilities that might compromise the information within or to the infrastructure it is linked to.