Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Cyber security has now become apart of proactive business strategy. With more technical advancements and more internal-external interactions, it becomes necessary to have a strong control over the business security throughout the environment.

Acknowledging these facts, we adapt effective measures to counter threats in advance thereby acting on threats more effectively than just responding to it.

Cyber Security is a combination of offensive and defensive strategies which majorly boils down to Network Security, Security Audit & Compliance as a shielding mechanism while Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing working as an offensive measure.

Our sophisticated team of professionals deploy and consult on advance security tools to mitigate risks such as malware attacks and firewall breach

VAPT: assessment of client infrastructure for vulnerabilities and exploits possible

Network security: regulating the network traffic to intercept malicious attacks from invading and spreading in the network

Cloud Security: deployment of security measures to protect your data available at cloud.

Audit and Compliance: Implementing and abiding to the best practices and ethical code of conduct as per industrial guidance

 How we help you:

  • High end security applications deployment and assessment
  • 24X7 Continuous surveillance and technical support
  • Timely security upgradation
  • Assistance on optimized cost solutions